How it all began

Every Journey Has A Story

As creatives we love to create your stories so we thought it's important that we share ours.

How it all began

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The Dream. The Vision. The Passion

TODAYSMYDAY. was started by Akeel with the aim to produce a wide range of content from video to photography for small businesses to weddings and beyond.  Whoever you are, we help you to tell your story through our passion and vision whether on screen, in a image or on print.


All your needs met in one place. We adapt to your project, offering creative solutions and an expert approach to reach your goals.


Each step is a journey and we at TODAYSMYDAY want to share and be a part of the adventure.



Our dream is simple. To share what we are passionate about and to deliver each product at our highest signature quality.

We want you to feel as part of the team so each project our communication and understanding promises you minimum hassles with maximum quality.

For us, there is no detail too small, it is your objectives that dictate our focus.



To create a unique family that shares the passion, the dreams and the vision and to spread the happiness and joys in everything we do.

TODAYSMYDAY is a small startup by one person who has a big dream.

The vision to create a team of photographers, film-makers, producers and creatives. Everything under one roof, from pre-production to post-production.


We want create an environment where each member of the team loves what they do. A place where creative minds sit together to create amazing works of art from storyboards to games and to cultivate new creative avenues.
Achieve higher standards of quality


The passion in sharing your story and our vision is what makes us work harder making sure the each journey is unique to everyone.